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Tens of thousands of dental professionals from all around the world are changing oral healthcare right now. They are walking the path of prevention – becoming gentle coaches and passionate motivators of oral health and human happiness.

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The future
is prevention

In The Gentle Guide, more than 40 dental professionals from all around the world share what it means to focus their career on prevention and how it affects both their daily practice and the health and happiness of their patients.

Their views are coupled with the latest research and an overview of WHO policies for a complete picture on the status of prevention in the oral health industry right now.

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Read this book
if you want to:

  • inspire changes to your career as a dentist, periodontist, orthodontist
  • become a better dental hygienist or nurse
  • motivate your patients to care for their oral health
  • include more prophylaxis in your daily work
  • understand how oral health affects overall health
  • learn about new prevention policies from WHO that will affect our entire industry
Download the Gentle Guide now

Download The Gentle Guide for free

In this publication, together with more than 40 oral health professionals and experts, Curaden explores the current trend of dentistry as a preventative-focused coaching practice, giving you the knowledge, tools and motivation to positively impact your career and the overall health and happiness of your patients.

You can download The Gentle Guide NOW.

Download the Gentle Guide now

Made by Curaden

Curaden is the world’s No. 1 promoter of a new approach to oral healthcare, based on the iTOP method.

We train dentists and hygienists in the art of prevention, so they become enablers of improved oral health in their cities or neighbourhoods.

And we develop top-class oral care products, both for your practice and for your patients to use at home.

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iTOP method

Individually trained oral prophylaxis (iTOP) is a hands-on workshop that will shape the way your patients perceive their oral health.

The iTOP programme gives you great support in how to overcome the daily challenges your patients face once they leave your dental office.

This motivational coaching system is now used by over 60,000 dental pros worldwide, as well as leading universities around the world.

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