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Health begins in the mouth


Our main brand, Curaprox, is dedicated to building a happier and healthier society by revolutionising oral self-care.

Curaprox, derived from the Latin words “care” and “proximity”, reflects our values of seeking to improve society’s oral health through premium products and knowledge transfer.

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“Ore Sano,
Homo Sanus”

The philosophy of Curaprox is “Ore Sano, Homo Sanus”, meaning a healthy mouth equals a healthy body and mind. The mouth is a gateway to overall health, as science has shown that many diseases are linked to poor oral health.

Curaprox’s preventive products help people improve both their oral and overall health.

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Revolutionising Oral Self-Care

We are constantly looking for ways to to enhance our products, and finding new ways to improve the oral health of our customers. The premium oral health care solutions from Curaprox cover all stages of life, accompanying you and your patients throughout your journeys.