Oral health matters

As a dentist or a hygienist, you know that oral health is more than just white teeth and fresh breath.

Your patient’s mouth is a gateway to their body, their connection to the world.

Take good care of their mouth, and it fundamentally influences how they feel – both physically and mentally.

GDI and Curaden move forward

On 29 April, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) and Curaden AG held a joint digital event entitled Rethinking Prevention. On the same day, the GDI – also in months of collaboration with Curaden – presented a study that provides information on the power of habits and describes their decisive role in increasing the importance of prevention.

It shows where one would have to start in order for a ritual to form and preventive actions to become normal for each individual. With this, the GDI and Curaden AG sent a strong signal and a first event in a recurring series of events on the topic of prevention.

Give your patients perfect oral health

Curaden is the world’s no. 1 promoter of a new approach to oral health care, based on the iTOP method. iTOP enables you to become a perfect tooth brusher, and teaches you how to transfer that knowledge to your patients.

This motivational and coaching system is now used by tens of thousands of dental pros worldwide, as well as leading universities.

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Curaprox: Daily oral care for your patients

A clean tooth simply doesn’t get sick. Recommend your patients to use Curaprox – the best-in-class products for interdental oral care and brushing, developed by Curaden.

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Be the source of prevention

The calibrated, well-engineered interdental brush is the only tool that allows perfect protection for the most critical spots in your patient’s mouth: the interdental spaces.

Now there’s an app to calibrate and track the health of your patient’s interdental spaces, developed by Curaden.

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Join the movement:
A billion healthy mouths, a billion balanced bodies

We train dentists and hygienists in the art of prevention, so that you can become the enabler of improved oral health in your city or neighbourhood. We develop top-class oral care products, both for your practice and for your patients’ use at home.

A healthy mouth equals a healthy body and mind

Our core message “better health for you” is based on three findings:

Good oral hygiene can be learned through encouragement. It’s a matter of having the right teacher, who can provide the knowledge, skills and motivation.

The most common diseases of the mouth can be prevented through correct oral hygiene practices. A clean tooth simply doesn’t get sick, neither will it’s gums.

Spreading these principles, combined with individually-tailored prophylaxis products, will lead to the preservation of oral health – that’s the essence of everything that we do.

CEO of Curaden: “Dentists and hygienists should be the coaches of health”

The importance of brushing one’s teeth properly and being educated in good oral health practices are the two core principles that Ueli Breitschmid, CEO of Curaden, advocates.

“I see the dentist of the future as a professional health coach, working with the patient on the holistic approach to health.”

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