K-pop meets Curaprox!

In January 2021, Curaprox became the title sponsor of Golden Disc Awards: the Asian, K-pop version of the Grammy Awards.

K-pop, the Korean version of pop music that South Korea successfully exports worldwide, has over 100 million declared fans and a multiple of interested followers. The music groups participating in Asia’s biggest music show on 9th and 10th January 2021 and compete for the public’s favor, rely on singing, rhythms, dance and lots of color. The spectacular success of Curaprox in over forty countries is based on technological precision, a sound philosophy, sophisticated quality design and lots of color.

Both – the Golden Disc Awards with their K-pop groups and Curaprox with its products – count on fans and their continued enthusiasm and less on quick consumption. Curaprox strives for sustainable business success in more than forty countries on all continents. That fits.

With this spectacular commitment, Curaprox achieves a significantly increased visibility of its first-class, colorful and well-designed products, which guarantee Swiss quality standards. The Swiss company is striving for further growth. The sales figures of Curaprox toothbrushes, electric sonic toothbrushes, interdental brushes, mouthwashes and other products are expected to increase significantly in the Asian and American markets. The potential for a win-win situation is considerable: The number of organized fans of K-pop is reported by South Korean governmental agencies to be 72 million in Asia (primarily South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and others in the growth markets of Indonesia, India, Australia, Thailand and Arab countries such as the UAE) and 12 million in the USA. In Europe alone, 15 million people were organized in fan communities last year. South Korean analysts estimate that 90 percent of fans are female, but the number of male fans is increasing.

Ueli Breitschmid, owner and head of the Swiss family business Curaden with its core brand Curaprox, says: “I expect a noticeable effect from our certainly surprising involvement in the Golden Disc Awards in Seoul. Social networking services and video sharing platforms will enormously increase our awareness in the growth markets we are targeting”.

Commenting on the birth of the unusual idea, he says: “Our regional man in Seoul, the innovative dentist and entrepreneur Edward Park, has convinced us that this is the right opportunity to reach a higher level of awareness with Curaprox very quickly. Furthermore, the philosophy and intentions of the Golden Disc Awards fit perfectly with us: We too are counting on a growing and loyal fanbase. Like GDA fans, we are enthusiastic supporters of an idea and a way of life: that overall human health begins with the health of the mouth. We stand for this with all our products and training.”